consulting and outsourcing services

Kanari Management provides outsourcing and consulting services in project planning and control to companies in the construction, mining and metals, aerospace and manufacturing sectors.

projects planning and scheduling

To follow the evolution of a project from the initiation phase to the closing phase.

risk analysis and

To reduce the probability and impact of negative events in your project.

projects cost estimating

To optimize costs, improve profitability, see if the project is viable.

Budget and projects cost control

To use resources in the most efficient way and increase profitability of the project.

Project planning and scheduling

  • Breakdown scope and organization (WBS/OBS)
  • Schedule development
  • Resource allocation
  • Schedule optimization
  • Establish schedule control basis
  • Document schedule control
  • Constructability implementation and review

Kanari management experts can intervene at any stage of a project, from the pre-construction phase through project closure. Our services vary from creating an initial project schedule, schedule audit and optimization, forensic analysis, shutdown and tie-ins, schedule follow-up and performance assessment.

We ensure that key stakeholders are informed with complete and accurate data about the project status on a regular basis. We understand that key stakeholders might need to make an executive decision with the appropriate level of impact to the team. Therefore, all project stakeholders are always be included on weekly status reports.

Our construction driven approach secures the project objectives in terms of cost and schedule. We achieve this through the monitoring of all phases from notice to proceed, permitting, engineering, procurement; allowing to start construction activities with all the required inputs to meet time, budget, and quality objectives of the project.

Front end planning is typically 2-5 % of total installed cost resulting in:

  • $3 to $10 payback for every dollar spent
  • 6-25% cost saving
  • 6-30% schedule reduction

(Ref. CII Construction Industry Institute)

Project cost estimation

  • Production of capital cost estimate plan
  • Master scope and construction work packages review
  • Verify material take-off from engineering and adjust when required
  • Build crew rates, according to constructability report and forecasted schedule
  • Establish productivity factors based on project specific environment and parameters
  • Coordinate with procurement firm and budgetary package pricing
  • Estimate line-item evaluation
  • Include allowance for low-definition scope
  • Support value engineering process
  • Evaluate project indirect costs
  • Integrated supplied owners’ costs
  • Cash flow forecasting

Our consultants can provide project estimates throughout all project phases for Capex and sustaining Capex. Although the initial estimate usually does not cover elements that are in the risk register, our cost estimators can support the project team in evaluating the risks involved.

After the project estimate is completed and revised, our team will collaborate to transfer the cost estimate baseline to the project cost control team. The cost breakdown structure allows the monitoring of cost proactively and anticipate forthcoming changes. Our cost estimating team can provide the change management estimates and contractor change request review.

Kanari Management follows the guidance and recommended practices from AACE International (Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering).

Kanari Management can supply services for all project stages such as:

  • Venture analysis study
  • Conceptual scoping and screening study estimate
  • Order of magnitude estimate
  • Pre-feasibility study
  • Bankable feasibility study
  • Feasibility study
  • Definite feasibility study
  • Construction stage
  • Plant expansion
  • Plant outage and shutdown
  • Plant closure and site rehabilitation



Risk analysis and management

  • Risk identification
  • Qualitative risk analysis
  • Quantitative risk analysis
  • Other risk assessment challenges
  • Strategic risk response
  • Risk monitoring and communication
  • Contingency plan
  • Project plan update

All projects are susceptible to risks. At Kanari Management we believe that, by identifying these risks and by monitoring them, the project team can minimize the probability of any deviation from the project objectives. Our typical risk management plan allows the project team to anticipate problems before they occur, as well as throughout the project life cycle.

Our process relies on building a risk management plan that is developed in conjunction with all the other project planning processes. The risk management plan is constantly monitored and updated to reflect any evolution for any single risk or opportunity that could be impacting the project outcome.

The project team and stakeholders are required to identify every potential issue within the scope of the project or even external to the project. A risk matrix is built to include the likelihood of the risk to occur and the magnitude of its impact on the project objectives. The project team needs to proactively identify a plan of action to mitigate all risks if they are to occur. The risk register is constantly monitored to identify any changes. Regularly updated reports are communicated to every stakeholder to keep them informed and for any action to be taken.

This process increases the chances to successfully achieve the project objectives. Moreover, at the phase of project closing, valuable data will be available in the lessons learned log for future projects.



Budget and Project cost control

  • Develop control accounts
  • Develop project control plan basis
  • Assess and optimize control plan
  • Review and validation of control plan
  • Communicate plan and initiate project controls
  • Change management

Kanari Management believes that a robust cost control system is the key to successfully meet financial project objectives. Our approach consists of harmonizing the organizational breakdown structure and the work breakdown structure to define the cost coding structure to monitor all Capital expenses.

Our cost control approach is to closely monitor and prepare accurate reporting. When we identify a trend of budget overruns, we work with the project team to draft innovative solutions that realign those costs with the initial baseline.

All projects have changes that will occur throughout the project lifecycle. We believe that by proactively identifying those changes and evaluating them before issuing a change order, will provide for better control of the budget. This approach brings better visibility on the estimate at budget completion, as it is constantly revised to avoid surprises at the end of the project.



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