consulting, outsourcing and coaching services in project planning

Kanari Management provides outsourcing and consulting services in project planning and control to companies in the construction, mining and metals, aerospace and manufacturing sectors.

projects planning and scheduling

To track the progress of a project from the initiation phase through the closeout phase.

Risk analysis and management

To reduce the likelihood and impact of negative events in your project.

projects cost estimating

To optimize costs, improve profitability, see if the project is viable.

projects cost control

To use resources in the most efficient way and increase profitability of the project.

projects planning and scheduling

Kanari management services allow you to follow the evolution of a project from the initiation phase to the closing phase.

The proposed solutions are suitable for all projects, regardless of their complexity. Kanari management consultants are particularly involved in projects where there are several activities with interdependent relationships. Indeed, it is through good planning and monitoring that the complexity, the amounts managed and the incidence of risks can be controlled in real time.

Our schedules are created in Oracle’s Primavera or MS Project. Kanari Management consultants are specialists in project planning and management, but above all, they are professionals who understand the challenges of your business.

Integrated Project Plan – an integrated collection of documents that represents agreement and ensures that all the various elements of the work, costs, scope, and schedule are properly defined, resourced, coordinated, and managed.

Integrated Project Schedule – describes the entire project scope, and activities from all required trades are included. Further, activities should be fully linked. The IPS also shows a balance and the links between major project functions: engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning.


 〉  schedule MANAGEMENT

 〉  Cost AND resource MANAGEMENT

 〉  PROJECT control

 〉  stakeholder MANAGEMENT

risk analysis and management

Kanari Management specializes in risk management and can help you identify, develop and track your risk register.

All projects are susceptible to risks. At Kanari Management we believe that, by identifying these risks and by monitoring them, the project team can minimize the probability of any deviation from the project objectives. 

Our typical risk management plan allows the project team to anticipate problems before they occur, as well as throughout the project life-cycle. 

Our process relies on building a risk management plan that is developed in conjunction with all the other project planning processes. The risk management plan is constantly monitored and updated to reflect any evolution for any single risk or opportunity that could be impacting the project outcome.

In short, our process requires, with the project team and stakeholders to identify every potential issue within the scope of the project or even external to the project. A risk matrix should be built to include the likelihood of the risk to occur and the magnitude of its impact on the project objectives. The project team needs to proactively identify a plan of action to mitigate all risks if they are to occur. The risk register will be constantly monitored to identify any changes. Regular updated reports will be communicated to every stakeholder to keep them informed and for any action to be taken.

This process will increase the chances to successfully achieve the project objectives. Moreover, at the phase of project closing, valuable data will be available in the lessons learned log for future projects.

 〉  swot analysis

 〉  cost plan and register

 〉  response plan

 〉  monte carlo simulation

 〉  audit and evaluation

projects cost estimating

Kanari management specializes in projects cost estimating and cost controls.  

As a specific service or as a part of overall project controls services, Kanari management construction and engineering cost estimators provide our clients with detailed quantity takeoffs and pricing from a construction project’s conception phase to closeout.

Kanari management maintains databases of historical and current local, national, and international construction and engineering cost figures including labor, material, and equipment costs.

Kanari management is equipped to prepare cost estimates and/or verify proposed construction costs at various stages throughout the construction process for projects around the globe. By identifying and analyzing the project’s scope, time, cost, quality, and performance, Kanari management develops an accurate assessment of how the construction process is unfolding over the course of its duration. Our construction cost consultants assist clients in the following areas listed above.

 〉  conceptual project budgets

 〉  construction bid estimates

 〉  cost codes definition

 〉  control baseline

 〉  contract cost review

 〉  lump sum estimates

 〉  value engineering

 〉  cost estimates

 〉  quantity take-offs

 〉  life cycle costing

 〉  change order evaluations

 〉  material escalation analysis

 〉  project closeout costs

 〉  claims pricing and evaluation

projects cost control

Kanari management specializes in projects cost estimating and cost controls.  

Over the course of long-term projects, inflation of material prices often results in disputes between owners and contractors. Material and labor escalation clauses can be used as contractual tools to account for pricing adjustments due to changes in prices of materials, while forensic material escalation analysis can be performed to retroactively quantify material cost adjustments in a manner equitable to both owners and contractors.

Using various pricing indexes and historical data, Kanari mangement can construct historical pricing profiles for construction materials.

Our material escalation analysis is often a helpful tool in conjunction with the following services listed above and:

  • Material escalation analysis is an objective tool for dispute avoidance and claims mitigation if used proactively and is an objective tool for dispute resolution if used forensically. It can also be combined with a revised cost forecasting for an ongoing project to avoid further disputes. 
  • Whether you are a contractor or subcontractor trying to prove material escalation or an owner attempting to defend against over inflation of material costs, Kanari Management consultants are equipped to provide material escalation analysis to supplement your efforts.
  • Material escalation analysis can play a pivotal role proactively in the drafting of contract documents as well as forensically in the expert reports and witness testimony provided for litigation support.

 〉  contract administration

 〉  construction cost estimating

 〉  performance analysis

 〉  forecasting

 〉  mediation and arbritation support

 〉  litigation support

Kanari management’s effectiveness is attributed to a skilled team of consultants with hands-on experience in the respective industries. Please contact us to learn more!