consulting, outsourcing and coaching services in project planning

Kanari Management provides outsourcing and consulting services in project planning and management to companies in the construction, mining and metals, aerospace, manufacturing and information technology sectors.

Planning and project management

To track the progress of a project from the initiation phase through the closeout phase.

Risk analysis and management

To reduce the likelihood and impact of negative events in your project.

communications and change management

To ensure that project communications are relevant and effective.

PLANning and project management

Kanari management services allow you to follow the evolution of a project from the initiation phase to the closing phase.

The proposed solutions are suitable for all projects, regardless of their complexity. Kanari management consultants are particularly involved in projects where there are several activities with interdependent relationships. Indeed, it is through good planning and monitoring that the complexity, the amounts managed and the incidence of risks can be controlled in real time.

Our schedules are created in Oracle’s Primavera or MS Project. Kanari Management consultants are specialists in project planning and management, but above all, they are professionals who understand the challenges of your business.

Kanari management offers comprehensive project planning and management services. 

If you wish, our consultants can manage your entire project. However, we offer customized services, depending on the strength of your team and your needs. Whether it’s for a one-time mandate or a long-term collaboration, we can help you at both the strategic and operational levels.

We can collaborate in the realization and follow-up of deadlines, project or cost control, risk register follow-up, drafting of company reports or in project communication.

What distinguishes Kanari Management from other project planning and management consultants is our desire to offer complementary services to project planning. For example, we are experts in risk management and in communications and marketing.

We can therefore also propose communications strategies that are much more comprehensive than the established project management standards. Our expertise allows us to carry out your site communications or even take charge of all corporate communications related to the project.

Kanari Management provides integrated schedule management solutions at the corporate, portfolio, program and project levels. 

Our initial approach is to have high-level strategic planning based on project objectives and goals. 

Project baseline schedules are established after careful review of the project scope and timely coordination with all stakeholders. Robust progress monitoring and control systems will be established to ensure that project milestones are met. 

Our approach is to flag critical issues at the right time and assist the project team in resolving issues and avoiding impacts on the project delivery schedule.

Kanari Management provides pre- and post-contract cost and resource management services. Project cost and resource management includes the processes of planning, estimating, budgeting, financing and management.

For Kanari management, cost and resource management is a major issue in a project.  On the one hand, budget and schedule control plays a major role in the success of the project, and on the other hand, well managed resources allow for the optimization of design and production time while limiting costs.

In order for cost and resource management to remain optimal throughout the project, it is often necessary to be flexible, but above all to be able to identify risks and use tools that provide an excellent reading of the situation.

The expertise of our consultants and the solutions adopted by Kanari Management give you this picture throughout the project. By integrating the concept of cost and resource management into your projects, it is possible to drastically reduce project cost overruns through a proactive approach.  Kanari management services include :

  • Development of project development pro-forma and project financial models.
  • Development of estimates and budgets (basic levels of scope and schedule).
  • Budget monitoring and resource allocation.
    Value engineering calculations.
  • Use of Earned Value Management (EVM) cost control techniques.
  • Cost and resource risk management.

To stay on time and within budget, it is imperative to have effective project control systems in place.

Projects can only be successful if they are delivered on time, within budget and to the specified quality. To achieve these goals, it is imperative to implement project control systems.

Kanari offers Project Control System implementation and monitoring to its clients. Project Control System includes the management of schedule, cost, risk and electronic data management systems (EDMS).

Since projects are naturally chaotic, the primary function of project control is to organize and plan projects to contain this chaos. 

For Kanari management, stakeholder management should be part of the project management itself. Regardless of the level of impact, all stakeholders of a project must be considered.

Stakeholder management is closely linked to communications management. Poor stakeholder management can affect project performance, force you to develop a much more complex change management strategy and, most importantly, affect the satisfaction of all users with a project.

A good stakeholder impact analysis from the start is essential and should be linked to the overall project communication strategy since stakeholders are not necessarily the parties involved in a project, but rather all those who can influence a project.

Good coordination with all the stakeholders involved allows for better information and consultation.

risk analysis and management

Kanari Management specializes in risk management and can help you identify, develop and track your risk register.

The risk management plan allows you to anticipate problems before they occur and throughout the life cycle of a project. Risk management includes analyzing likely risks and proposing solutions and strategies to address any unexpected circumstances that may disrupt the schedule and drive up costs or influence results.

Kanari management consultants can develop and monitor the risk register throughout the project and even produce a Monte Carlo simulation on Primavera for your project.

Risk management increases the probability and impact of positive events and reduces the probability and impact of negative events.


The development and implementation of a risk response and control plan increases the likelihood and impact of positive events while minimizing negative impacts.

Kanari Management’s risk management services include:  

  • Risk plan development and risk register management.
  • Risk identification.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis.
  • Risk response planning.
  • Implementation of risk response plans.
  • Monitoring of identified risks.
  • Monitoring of residual risks.
  • Identification of new risks.
  • Maintaining and updating the risk register.
  • Audit risks.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the risk management process throughout the project.
    Monte Carlo simulation.

Entrusting the analysis and development of a communication strategy allows us to align it with corporate or project issues.

The SWOT analysis or the analysis of qualitative and quantitative risks allows to understand the global environment and to be proactive.

With this technique, it is possible to determine the probability of completing the project by the contractual completion date. If the probability is not satisfactory, certain measures will be advised to minimize or mitigate the impact. 

Kanari management consultants can develop Monte Carlo simulations in advance of your project to ensure that your project planning is optimal. 

Projects are vulnerable to many uncertainties due to their evolving nature until completion. In addition, projects are influenced by many stakeholders, regional politics and market conditions. There is always a high risk of cost and schedule overruns that could undermine project objectives. Effective risk management, from the beginning to the end of the project, is the solution to this problem.

Our Monte Carlo simulations are performed on Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis – Managing Schedule Risk.

Auditing and evaluating the risk process of a project reduces stress within the project teams.

communications and change management

Entrusting the analysis and development of a communication strategy helps align it with corporate and project issues.

The drafting of monitoring reports, company reports and professional balance sheets, according to the clientele to which they are addressed, improves dialogue with stakeholders and contributes to the company’s notoriety and image.

Kanari management offers strategic communications services for your projects. 

When we know that communication and change management are among the main risks of failure in a project, it is essential to have a well thought-out strategy executed by professionals. This will allow you to have a plan and effective communication tools that meet the needs of the project: publicize the progress of the project, communicate the site, promote the project or even use the project to improve your company’s brand image. 

Providing the right information, at the right time, to the right person and with the right tool can make the difference in the success of a project!

This method of implementing the change plan ensures that the needs of the teams are understood by offering a two-way communication approach, which facilitates real-time adjustments.

The management of the change plan is done in close collaboration with internal resources, which ensures an excellent understanding of the technical issues related to the project and the issues related to human and organizational resources.

Kanari management’s effectiveness is attributed to a skilled team of consultants with hands-on experience in the respective industries in North America. Please contact us to learn more!