Kanari Management provides specialized consulting services in project planning and control, with a focus on cost, resource, and schedule management.

project planning and management

To monitor the progress of a project from the initiation phase to the closure phase.

Cost estimation

To optimize costs, improve profitability, and assess the project's viability.

risk analysis and management

To reduce the likelihood and impact of negative events in your project.

Project cost control

To utilize resources most efficiently and increase the project's profitability.


To ensure efficient procurement and logistics management.

Pre-operational verification and commissioning

To optimize the startup of your operations.

operational reliability

To ensure operational reliability, optimize maintenance, and upgrade inventory management.

project planning and management

  • Project planning and management
  • Schedule management
  • Cost and resource management
  • Project control
  • Stakeholder management

At Kanari Management, we firmly believe that the success of a project hinges on the excellence of its initial planning and diligent monitoring. We work hand in hand with our clients to develop detailed plans where each objective and deliverable is clearly defined.

Our impeccable management of deadlines enables us to anticipate upcoming challenges to ensure smooth project progression. Our expertise in cost and resource management allows us to optimize budgets and enhance our clients’ financial performance.

Our advanced project tracking systems provide real-time oversight, empowering us to identify variances and promptly intervene to rectify the course. Moreover, as leaders in project management, we foster enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders, prioritizing their satisfaction and our commitment throughout the project lifecycle.

Good planning can represent 2 to 5% of the total cost of a completed project. Through effective planning, savings in both time and money can make a significant difference:

  • A return of $3 to $10 for every dollar spent
  • Savings of 6 to 25%
  • Reduction of the schedule by 6 to 30%

(Ref. CII Construction Industry Institute)

Cost estimation

  • Project conception budget
  • Review of contract costs
  • Analysis of material price escalation
  • Project closure costs
  • Complaints support

Kanari Management specializes in accurate cost estimation, providing clients with a detailed overview of the investments required at each phase of their project. We develop tailored project design budgets and conduct thorough reviews of contractual costs for transparent and efficient financial management.

Our close collaboration with clients and stakeholders enables us to swiftly resolve any financial discrepancies, ensuring project continuity and compliance. We also analyze trends in material price escalation to anticipate and mitigate the budgetary impacts of market fluctuations.

Kanari Management rigorously manages project closure costs, ensuring that all final expenses are justified. In the event of dispute or financial disagreement, we provide robust support for claims, safeguarding the interests of our clients.

risk analysis and management

  • SWOT analysis
  • Cost plan and register
  • Answer plan
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Audit and evaluation

Kanari Management’s expertise in risk analysis and management enables us to transform challenges into opportunities, while considering the uniqueness and specificities of each of our clients’ projects. Our proactive approach involves identifying and meticulously tracking risks, whether they are internal or external, to ensure the success of your initiatives.

Our team of experts is dedicated to developing personalized risk management plans tailored to the complexity and requirements of your projects. We are committed to guiding you in implementing effective strategies to mitigate risks and minimize their impacts.

Following the development of the plan, we create a risk matrix to optimally integrate this plan into the project schedule, allowing for better monitoring of risks, their probability, and their impacts.

In summary, Kanari Management ensures the anticipation and minimization of risks, thus optimizing the success and efficiency of your projects.

Project cost control

  • Contract administration
  • Budget estimation
  • Comparison of actual costs and identification of gaps
  • Performance analysis
  • Assistance with mediation and arbitration
  • Litigation support

Kanari Management excels in project cost control, ensuring proactive and robust financial management. We administer contracts with rigor and ensure adherence to terms by all parties to reduce the risks of disputes and budget overruns.

Our services include accurate budget forecasting, essential for informed financial management. We conduct thorough comparisons between actual costs and budget forecasts, enabling swift and effective action to rectify discrepancies. Our performance analysis aims at optimizing expenses, uncovering ways to maximize financial efficiency.

In case of disagreement, Kanari Management acts as a mediator, facilitating swift and fair conflict resolution. Our expertise in dispute support ensures peace of mind, safeguarding your interests.


  • Supplier selection
  • Purchase orders and confirmations
  • Arrival of goods, logistics
  • Payments processing, purchases and reminders
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Material management and storage

At Kanari Management, we carefully select top-tier suppliers, ensuring our clients receive superior quality products while optimizing costs and timelines. Our rigorous management of purchase orders eliminates errors and delays, ensuring unparalleled operational smoothness.

Our meticulous tracking of goods arrival and logistics management minimizes the risks of setbacks, while our management of payments, purchases, and follow-ups ensures maximum financial efficiency for the project.

Excellence in quality assurance and control is at the heart of our commitments, guaranteeing that each product and service meets the required standards. Additionally, our expertise in material management and warehousing optimizes resource utilization, significantly reducing storage costs.

Trust Kanari Management for exemplary project management, where every detail is carefully orchestrated to avoid costly delays and ensure the success of your project.

Pre-operational verification and commissioning

  • Factory startup plan
  • Pre-startup health and safety plan review
  • Startup progress
  • Startup completion report
  • Quality control
  • Progressive operations startup support

Optimize the startup of your operations and plan for a seamless commissioning with Kanari Management. Our unique approach integrates a customized factory startup plan, ensuring a smooth transition to maximum productivity. With a particular focus on health and safety from pre-startup, we ensure that each step adheres to the highest standards.

Our rigorous monitoring of the startup progress ensures that nothing is left to chance, culminating in a detailed completion report for total peace of mind. Our diligent quality control throughout the commissioning phase prevents failures and ensures compliance. Furthermore, our support for a gradual ramp-up of operations helps you achieve operational excellence from the outset.

Excellence in operational reliability

  • Risk management and elimination
  • Maintenance management process
  • Preparation and monitoring of shutdown work
  • Security and Compliance
  • Staff training and skills
  • Reduction of failure potential
  • Obsolecence management and inventory upgrade
  • Support for repairables

Kanari Management embodies operational reliability, integrating proactive risk management, optimized maintenance, seamless compliance, and continuous personnel development. Our holistic strategy boosts facility performance, reduces interruptions, and minimizes operational and financial risks for maximum reliability.

We refine maintenance management by fine-tuning processes, resources, and workforce, resulting in greater efficiency and a significant decrease in costs. Safety and compliance remain paramount, ensuring a safe and regulated working environment.

Additionally, we develop specific strategies to limit equipment failures, thus enhancing reliability and productivity. By forecasting obsolescence, we keep our inventory up-to-date to maintain operational efficiency and competitiveness. Our swift management of repairable equipment reduces interruptions, thereby supporting operational continuity.

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