Our expertise in project planning and control facilitates decision making, allows us to follow the evolution of a project and anticipate risks.


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At Kanari Management, we excel at creating and implementing planning and control strategies for major projects. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of project management, from planning to execution, including cost control, risk management and the implementation of action plans.

We are your trusted partner towards excellence, with an unwavering commitment to real results. Let’s imagine a collaboration where each step is a guaranteed progress and each plan a roadmap to success. Our relentless approach ensures not only the achievement of your objectives, but also meticulous monitoring of deliverables.

Together, let’s shape a trajectory where every project is a victory and every strategy a success, with concrete results that you can touch and celebrate.

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Kanari Management: For businesses with great ambitions. We emphasize best practices and effective communication to propel your project to new heights. Together, let’s shape a bright future for your company.

project planning and management

To monitor the progress of a project from the initiation phase to the closure phase.

Cost estimation

To optimize costs, improve profitability, and assess the project's viability.

risk analysis and management

To reduce the likelihood and impact of negative events in your project.

Project cost control

To utilize resources most efficiently and increase the project's profitability.


To ensure efficient procurement and logistics management.

Pre-operational verification and commissioning

To optimize the startup of your operations.

operational reliability

To ensure operational reliability, optimize maintenance, and upgrade inventory management.

Kanari Management’s effectiveness is attributed to a skilled team of consultants with hands-on experience in the respective industries. Please contact us to learn more!