About US

Kanari Management was born of a crazy dream: To drive businesses forward through best practices and make a positive contribution to their brand image through effective communication.

who are we ?​

Founded in 2019, Kanari Management is the result of a collaboration between Stéphane Landry and Marie-Josée Salvas. Together, they combine their skills to lead Kanari Management, guided by a shared vision of promoting innovation and performance within the organizations they support.

Kanari collaborates with companies from both the private and public sectors who are seeking professional services for integrated project control. As an independent subcontractor, our company can perform follow-ups and issue reports and recommendations that facilitate informed decision-making.

Our services are focused on project planning, scheduling, cost estimation and control, risk analysis and management, as well as audits and constructability reviews.

The team at Kanari Management consists of experienced professionals who understand that a project evolves in a high-risk environment requiring detailed analysis by experts. Thanks to our expertise, we enhance project control through the use of appropriate technological and methodological solutions adapted to the complexity of a project.

Our approach provides better readability and greater clarity, enabling the entire project team and stakeholders to understand the current state of the project and to have a clear idea of its future trajectory. As a third-party project control manager, we provide an independent and objective vision of your project.

Stéphane Landry,

As a planner, project manager and entrepreneur, Stéphane stands out for his expertise in business turnaround, primarily in the manufacturing, industrial, and construction sectors.

His reputation is built on his listening skills, versatility, and ability to deliver solutions that create value.

Marie-Josée Salvas,

As a marketing strategist and project manager, Marie-Josée is known for her ability to design and develop new products and services.

She specializes in optimizing operational efficiency and improving customer experience.

draw on the best

Our name, Kanari Management, comes from the canary of the mines. It represents our promise: to commit ourselves by our rigor to detect blind spots in a project.

From the 19th century through the end of the 20th century canaries were used in coal mines to determine air quality. This little yellow bird, wich was sensitive to the emissions of toxic gases that are undetectable by humans, was an indispensable reference tool for miners. When the canary fainted, the miners rushed out of the mine to avoid explosin or poisening.  

Just like an experienced miner, a seasoned projet manager is always wondering if his or her indicators are suitable, relevant, precise and effective. 

This is why at Kanari, the first question asked is : Where is my canary ? What is the indicator that will give me an overview of the progress of my project?


At Kanari Management, we place listening, commitment, rigor, and efficiency at the core of our approach. These values guide each of our members in their actions and form the foundation of our commitment to our clients, suppliers, and partners, cultivating relationships based on trust, transparency, and collaboration.


Customized solutions tailored to your needs.


Obligation to achieve results. Determination to succeed.


Do wwe set out to do with order and method.


A significant contribution to the success of a project.

Our consultants' expertise and our global vision give us the leverage to drive your project even further.