about us

Kanari management was born of a crazy dream: To drive businesses forward through best practices and make a positive contribution to their brand image through effective communication.

who we are

Kanari management strives to be the benchmark in Project Controls professional services nationally or internationally.

Our firm is an independent outsourcer of project controls services of all types. Our services focus on project planning, scheduling, cost control, risk analysis & management, audit, constructability reviews, and others.

Our experienced team of Project Controls professionals understand and respect that projects are a high-risk environment that requires an in-depth expert analysis. To make sure that our team keeps your project on track, we amplify our project controls services by leveraging our deep understanding of the impact uncertainty can have on a project. We also integrate project controls with technology, customizing our services to the given complexity of any project.

This provides stronger structure and clarity, giving the entire project team and stakeholders a comprehensive understanding of their project as it currently stands and a robust sense of its future trajectory. As a third-party manager of project controls, we provide an independent and objective view of your project.

our values

Listening, thoroughness and effectiveness are the company’s pillars and guide the actions of all Kanari’s team members. Our mobilizing and empowering values are reflected in our relationships with our clients, service providers and partners. The name Kanari, inspired by Canari’s mines, represents our flexibility, thoroughness and ability to hone in on the blind angles of a project.

draw on the best

Our name, Kanari management, comes from the canary of the mines. It represents our promise: to commit ourselves by our rigor to detect blind spots in a project.

From the 19th century through the end of the 20th century canaries were used in coal mines to determine air quality. This little yellow bird, wich was sensitive to the emissions of toxic gases that are undetectable by humans, was an indispensable reference tool for miners. When the canary fainted, the miners rushed out of the mine to avoid explosin or poisening.  

Just like an experienced miner, a seasoned projet manager is always wondering if his or her indicators are suitable, relevant, precise and effective. 

This is why at Kanari, the first question asked is : Where is my canary ? What is the indicator that will give me an overview of the progress of my project?

executive management team

For us, project management is a practice where art and science meet.

Stéphane Landry,

A planner, project manager and entrepreneur, Stéphane specializes in business turnaround and usually works in the manufacturing, industrial and construction sectors. He is known for its ability to listen and to offer value-added solutions.

Marie-Josée Salvas,
vP / general manager

A project manager, communications/marketing strategist, Marie-Josée has extensive expertise in creating and developing new products, services or organizational processes to improve the customer experience.

David walker,
vp - clients relations

Managing Director responsible for developing and maintaining relationships between clients and resources at Kanari management. David is an accomplished international business leader with extensive experience in business development and client relationships in high-technology solutions and project management.

Our consultants' expertise and our global vision give us the leverage to drive your project even further.